October to December 2019 Extreme Floods in Eastern Africa, Climate Variability or Change?

Image from earth.nullschool.net
Image 1: A Somali boy stands on a wooden cupboard after heavy rain flooded the neighborhood in Mogadishu, Somalia, October 21, 2019 (Reuters)
Image 2: Floods have blocked roads in floods Tana River County, Kenya, October 2019 (Kenya Red Cross Society)
Image 3: Standardised Precipitation Index Oct-Nov 2019
Image 4: Major IOD events since 1961 from Australian National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) (https://bit.ly/2snl2QT)
Image 5: Time Series Indian Ocean Dipole
Image 6: Global Forecast System (GFS), Forecast Streamlines Imagery taken on the 06th December 2019 of Cyclone PAWAN and Ambali, and Tropical Storm Belna (https://earth.nullschool.net/)



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🌍🛰️ Climate Services, early warnings and Earth Observation for Sustainable Development in Eastern Africa.